“Keep on smiling”

I just got back from working an eleven hour shift at my seasonal job at home in CT. I work at the movie theater close to my house, and it’s a great place to be employed at. All my coworkers are great people to work with and have fun with, every day of work is just a great time. Granted, it stinks when it’s super busy because of new movies like Twilight, and working 11 straight hours is very tiring. Of the many, many years my “family” has been a part of this theater (both my older brothers worked there, my oldest brother was one of the first employees), one of the projectionists, Bill, is an extremely nice older man who seems to be in his 60s. He’s been working there as long as I can remember, and he is honestly one of the nicest, happiest, and most charming and heart-warming person I have ever met. Tonight was the first time I had seen him since the summer, and when I left to come home, I said “See you later this week Bill?” and he replied with “Yep! And keep on smiling!”

Now, when I heard him say this, I just couldn’t believe it. This man, who I’m sure has seen so much through his life, is always smiling, always happy, and always such a cheery guy to be around. It really made me think on my way home, that we really do need to keep smiling. When we come to think about it, there’s not much to not smile about. The loss of loved ones, cars breaking down, bad grades, bad jobs, no jobs, disease, are all things that can bring us down, make us sad, make us hate and yell at God, but the more we dwell on the bad, the less we let God take control of it. We need to remember to keep on smiling, just like Bill told me, just like he always is every time I see him, because we have been blessed beyond measure with life, and the gifts of this world, and we take them for granted.

There is so much to smile about. Even the act of smiling automatically makes us happier. So remember, just keep on smiling.


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