Just because it’s loud and obnoxious, doesn’t mean it’s not praise.

Through the past four years or so I have noticed that many people do not like the style of music I listen to. I prefer hardcore and heavy rock, but most importantly Christian. 95% of the hardcore bands I listen to are Christian, and in their music they portray a Christian mindset and praise God. I have come across many people such as my parents and friends that do not have the same belief I do. I believe that even though somebody is “screaming”, they are still worshipping God, and this music can be used as praise music.
When people tell me that hardcore music cannot be used as worship and is “from the devil”, it really gets on my nerves. There are many hardcore Christian bands that can clearly be seen as worshipping God when one looks at the lyrics. Most of my favorite bands are Christian, and even for the bands that claim they aren’t, some of their songs have great lyrics and messages behind them.
Many of the songs I hear by these bands are songs that many others and I personally connect with. Their lyrics describe experiences in my life, and what I am personally going through at that time, and I can really connect with the songs. When I connect to music like that, it really helps me get into the music and the moment of using that music to express my love for God and worship Him. The lyrics for such songs as “Redemption” by August Burns Red and “Threads of Sincerity” by Life in Your Way are two of the most important songs to me, as they really take how I feel and put them into songs that I can use to praise God. When I was at the Life in Your Way reunion concert with a couple friends, I was able to praise God the way I like praising him. I’m not saying I don’t like praising him with the music that we hear in church, I just prefer a different way. A lot of times I have noticed that the lyrics for the heavier songs are better than the ones I have sung over the years in church.
I am not saying I don’t believe in praise and worship that is sung in church services. I am saying, however, that I prefer to use a different style of music, and that my preferred style is often criticized for the way it is performed. God never said how we should praise Him. He never put a boundary on how to worship Him with music. He didn’t say that His children purely had to sing to Him. God gave all of us talents to use to His will and to glorify Him. Whether those talents are singing or screaming, drumming or playing the guitar really well, we can always praise Him for what He has given us, some just have a different way of doing so.


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