Boomerangs are known to fly out and then come back to their thrower. I feel like there are a lot of things we can compare in life to a boomerang, and I will touch on what has been really speaking to me lately in this post.

The most important thing that comes to my mind when I think of this is Christ. As Christians, we need to be constantly searching for God in our everyday lives. This is something I struggle with, and need to keep working on. When we throw God the boomerang He looks for, He will come back to us in ways we never thought imaginable, and in return, He will look for us. In order to grow closer to Him and to know Him better, we have to search for Him, dive into our bible, listen in church, and pray. If we call ourselves Christians and do not search for Him, how can we grow in our faith, and how can we truly call ourselves followers of Christ if we are not truly following Him?
In relevance to a boomerang, the harder we throw it, the harder it comes back. The harder we search for God and grow in Him, the harder he will come to us. The faster we throw the boomerang, the faster it will return. When we throw God this boomerang, he won’t let the devil smack it down, God will wait for it to come to Him, let it turn around, and on its way back, He will come to us, and the harder He does, the more we grow. The harder we search for him, the more devotions we do, the more readings we do of His Word, the more we praise Him, the more we pray, the harder and more He is going to seek us as well. We are not the only ones seeking. We have to remember that God is also looking for us. He is a God who cares, loves, and is a patient God with His people. When He sees us looking for Him, He will come searching for us.
Now, when I think of this, I think of what my very good friend Jesse told me the other night at dinner. Sometimes, we pray about things that are on our minds that we want to know what God wants us to do. We pray and pray for guidance, and some kind of signal as to what God wants us to do, but, maybe he doesn’t have one. Maybe God has more than one path for us, and what I have realized these past couple days, is that no matter what path we take, God will still work in us and in our lives. We may think that God has only one way he wants us to go, and when we think about making the wrong decision, and how it may not be what God wants for us, I know for me that fear comes over me. I want to make sure I do everything He has for me to do. I want to get everything right, and follow His plan. We have to remember that God works in mysterious ways, and that He may have more than one path for us to take, and either way we go, He will work in us and use us.
Now, in the case of boomerangs, if we are carrying a load on our backs, if we have a large backpack on, if we are carrying other things, and try to throw a boomerang, it won’t go very far, and may possibly not come back at all. Something Jesse also told me is that maybe, whatever we are dealing with, we need to just take a break from and show God that we can stop whatever we are doing and focus on Him. Sometimes we pray and pray, and rely purely on that to get us the answer we are looking for, but God wants more than just prayer from us. He wants us to show Him that we can take time away from our personal world to spend time in His world, and to really seek Him and what He has for us. This is when He will see that we can stop what we are dealing with, and really focus on Him more. This is when He will come to us the most. Take the load off of your back, take the time to carefully throw your boomerang towards God. When we relinquish the load off of our backs, giving us more time and space to really throw the boomerang God is looking for, then he will come to us stronger and faster. If, like it is in my case, its something as simple as talking to someone you care about and talk to constantly, or if its something else, then maybe what we should do is simply stop talking to them, or stop whatever it is we are doing, and really take the time to dive closer to Him. It may be hard, but it may be necessary.
God never said following Him or getting the answers we requested would be easy. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to see what He really has for us, to grow closer to Him, and when we make sacrifices that He knows about, then He will really seek us out as well, and supply us with what we ask for.


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