Infographics are graphical visualizations that display some sort of data and information to it’s viewer. Infographs can help a writer and blogger in many ways, and give a better demonstration and blog to view by an audience. Infographs can help appeal the blog to an audience and draw a reader in to the blog to read more of the bloggers posts. Sometimes there is some information that if explained in a text format, can become very confusing and difficult for a reader to understand. Infographs help the blogger get across the information he/she needs to in a way that best suits the reader. Statistics, percentages, data, graphs. They can all be read better in some sort of graphical way than just another paragraph explaining.

We see infographs everywhere we look and we don’t realize it a lot of times. Bus route maps, statistic charts, graphs during a presentation, pie charts of favorite games to play with groups, the list goes on and we see them everywhere. Infographs can even be seen at theme parks, in the maps that you pick up on your way in. Maps display the basic essentials one needs in order to travel around the park and find everything they’re looking for.

For me, I enjoy inforgraphs that are in the shape or form of what they are representing. For instance, this chart of population spread throughout America:

This chart does not only represent the information it gives, but it does so in a way that one can really see the differences. Instead of just having a standard bar graph with city names and number of people in each, it lays out the whole country with a neat way of displaying the information it portrays.

One infograph I became especially good at figuring out was Metro Maps. When I spent time in Paris this summer and last summer, I really had to learn how to maneuver my way around the city via the Metro, and the maps were at first very confusing, but once I got the hang of it, I became a pro at figuring out which stop to take. Here is the map of the Paris Metro system:

Now at first, it looks really confusing, but when you travel via the Metro, to save money and time, multiple times a day, you start to get the hang of it.

See, there are infographs everywhere we look, and they can be very helpful at getting information across in an easier, more understandable, and more fun way all at the same time. They are very helpful in writing, especially when a lot of data is needed. Readers will see huge paragraphs and be turned away, but if they see charts, graphs, or any sort of infograph, they won’t be so frightened of the piece.

Welcome readers in with a friendly infograph.


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