Just Get Me to a Show

Personally, I love going to shows. Some people call them concerts, others shows. It really depends on the genre of music you’re going to and who you talk to about it. For me, going to any hardcore show is what really drives me and helps me feel better about anything. When I’m having a rough time, or going through a hard patch in life, shows help me release whatever negative feelings that are bringing me down. Not because I get frustrated and release all my anger out on others while moshing in the pit at a show, but because of all the positive energy that’s there in the crowd.

Going to a show is the best way for me to worship my Creator, especially when I go to any August Burns Red show. Their music has impacted my life so deeply and positively that when I’m at a show, ‘singing’ along to every word with Jake Luhrs, my hands up and raised, I feel God’s presence more than ever before. Going to shows helps me feel so much better. Moshing, running around, slamming into other people, it may sound strange and negative and frustrating, but there’s just something about it that makes me feel so much better and have so much fun, especially when I’m there with my friends.

There are times when I go through “show-withdrawal” as my friends and I call it, and I’m in one of those times now. I just keep reminding myself that I’m seeing Underoath in six days and all of that goes away, and I absolutely can’t wait to go to that show because I need it more than ever right now. I need to be in the pit, moshing with others, body checking others and running around, sweating, bathing in sweat that doesn’t belong to me, screaming along with hundreds of other guys and girls to every word.

I need shows to survive, shows help me get through life, and without them, I don’t know where I would be. Call me crazy, but that’s who I am. A crazy hardcore kid.

Being front row during stuff like this is why I’m alive.


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