Comments, ARE AWESOME.

Blog comments are essential, and everybody loves seeing them. Comments prove that people visited your blog, and leaving them make people happy, so of course you should leave some wherever you go! Blog comments are like extra candy on Halloween, you don’t expect to have so much, but then BAM, there they are, and your night is made.

When you visit a blog, and if you really like it, heck, even if you hate it, it’s still a good thing to leave a comment for the author to see what other people think on the subject. The author put time and effort out of his/her day (that they may or may not have gotten paid for) to write the post you just spent time reading, and they want your feedback and to know what you thought as you read it! Every comment helps, no matter how small or how large it is, author’s enjoy reading and getting them, even if it’s a simple “great post!” Knowing that someone took the time to read what they wrote is a great way to compliment somebody on their writing.

Some things to remember while leaving comments that I have found are:

Be careful what you say on somebody’s post. Just because you disagree completely with what they say doesn’t mean you should post a comment harshly and without reason, completely bashing what they say and believe in. Be careful of your audience, but give your point of view respectfully.

Leave a link to your own blog, so that the author can go to yours and see what you write about, they may like it enough to follow along and leave you some comments in return!

Let them know how good their blog is, and how well it is written. Give them tips on how to improve, and offer advice of your own so they can become a better writer so more people will want to see what they post.

At the same time, read the comments you get with an open mind, and don’t be so quick and rash to come to fumes over what somebody said about your post. Everybody has their own opinion on something, and just because someone does not agree with you does not make them right or wrong in their ways.


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