Digital or Analog?

There is a very big difference between digital and analog writing. Analog writing has it’s advantages, and so does digital. I personally prefer digital, especially since just about everything now is digital with smartphones, computers, iPads, etc.

With digital writing, it will be on the internet, and everything that goes on the internet is there forever, there is no avoiding that. You can save your drafts that way, and always know where they are, and not risk losing them, which is definitely a huge benefit. Digitally, anybody can see it too, people from all over the world, which can help a lot in getting more feedback as well.

There are several Do’s and Don’t’s of digital writing, and though I do not know all of them, I will give some of mine.

DO use pictures. Pictures help a lot, they help attract the reader to your blog and articles, and help them browse. They can also give the reader a good idea of what the post will be about before reading it and if it is something they will be interested in or not.

DON’T ramble. Rambling gets everybody nowhere, and nobody wants to read somebody’s rambles about anything they don’t like.

DO use short paragraphs. Short paragraphs will catch the reader’s eye easier and more clearer, and want them to stay on the page more. If they see a bunch of long paragraphs, they’re not going to want to read all of it and will skip over what could be your best post.

DO be bold in what you say. Be brave, and bold at the same time. It’s your blog, you can post what you want on it, however be careful of what you post. There are some things that you may want to say, but should remain in your head and not on the internet for everyone to see.

DO NOT start arguments or fights on the Internet. That is just a low move to pull on somebody and bashing someone through the internet is rude and immature and should be done so in person with the person you are in a feud with.

DO NOT plagiarize. Not only is it illegal, but it is morally wrong on all accounts. Create your own work for reader’s to see.

DO use other’s for help and guidance. This does not mean plagiarize, it just means use other’s to guide you and be inspired. You can look at other blogs and be inspired by what other’s say and write off of that.

DO use hyperlinks to other people’s blogs you visit. If somebody likes what you write and want to see more on the same topic, link them to others who share the same values or writing topics you do.

DO write often. Write regularly. Writing a lot will help you become a better writer and readers will see that and see your growth as they follow your work.

DO give credit when credit is due.


2 responses to “Digital or Analog?

  1. These are some great insights! I like how you noted that your reading audience for digital writing can potentially be the world. It’s great to know that our writing can be responded to by people who come from many different world perspectives. This helps us have a global perspective while we are here in Lakeland. I completely agree with “Do not start arguments or fights on the internet.” I feel like this happens on social media sights a lot, and it is just so counterproductive to resolving any issue. On the other hand with blogging, I think it is important to intelligently respond when someone challenges something you believe in. It is important to do so with grace, humility, and maturity. This is why I think it is also great that you should be bold but should think before putting a thought out there for all to see.

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