Dear Past Self:

Dear Freshman Benny,

Haloha amigo. Welcome to your first year of college ya big stud. Don’t worry, it’s okay, I’m from the future, and no, unfortunately I do not have a Delorean. However, I do have good advice for you, and don’t worry, Marty’s kids are fine, Doc took care of that problem already (well, not yet for you, but don’t worry regardless). But anyway, enough of the Back to the Future references (you need to watch those movies again, you should do that, they’re awesome).

Don’t worry too much this year. Things are gonna get to you, but that’s okay, it’s your first year of college and that’s bound to happen. Don’t worry about finding a girlfriend or finding “the one” right now, you won’t. There’s a lot of cool girls out there, but you’ll meet some pretty amazing ones who are better soon enough. And for school work, get it done yo! It’s important! Don’t slack off. You don’t want to learn the hard way, again… and again. Also, be careful of Chartwells. Drink your water, and milk. It will save your life, and keep you from a trip to the emergency room. Also, be wary of your friends, some of them aren’t what they seem to be or make themselves up to be. And chapel, chapel is important. You will fall asleep a lot in it, and that’s okay because you’re still going to learn a lot in the ones you stay awake for, but make sure you actually wake up and make all your requirements.

But overall, take it easy, have fun, make friends (you know you will. You’re pretty awesome).

Enjoy it man, you deserve it. High school’s over, time to start growing up and have fun while you’re still young. Go to concerts, make friends, watch tv shows, do homework, enjoy yourself.


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