Cleaning Your Copy

Last week I did the NewsU course Cleaning Your Copy, and learned more about grammar and technical issues about writing. It was a very good course to take, and I would recommend it for other students.

What I learned: I learned more about the technicalities of grammar, AP style, punctuation, spelling, and proper word usage. A lot of this wasn’t very new to me as I had learned most of this already in previous classes I had taken throughout my college experience (Advanced Expository Writing, Journalism, etc), but this was a good refresher course. One really good part was distinguishing the difference between two words that sound identical, but mean different things, because that is something I usually have a hard time with.

What surprised me: Not much of what I saw in this course surprised me, because, again, I had already seen most of it. The AP style is something I have really had to get used to through all my COMM courses I’ve taken so far, and it’s something Dr. Cotton really pushed us to use in his classes I took last year. Something that did take me by surprise was all the words that people usually have trouble spelling, I sometimes don’t, unless I’m typing really quickly. I’ve always been a pretty good speller, and that has helped me a lot through my school experiences.

What do I want to know more about: The AP style is still something that confuses me sometimes and I have to remember to check off everything to make sure I get it right when I do it, so that would definitely help a lot. There are still some grammar technicalities that I need to really get down in my writing before I graduate which I really hope I can accomplish this year, but other than that, I’ve already heard a lot of what was in this course from other very good professors.

This course was very good, and I know not everyone has had the classes and professors I have had and been exposed to it like I have, so I would definitely recommend it for other writers and PR students.


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