Blog comments.

These are my comments on other student’s/teacher’s blogs that I post throughout the semester.

1. Tip 1: Be careful of Chartwells.
Tip 2: Save class skips till absolutely necessary and do work on time.
Tip 3: Be careful of chapel, and what you hear and take from it.

Posted on Dedicated to First-Year Student Me: Thriving in Your First Year at SEU

2. I think this is a great reflection and viewpoint on other blogs, especially a professional news one. I liked the point you made about doing whatever you want to a blog, because that’s something I think that attracts a lot of new bloggers to blogging. It’s a great way to customize your own and even see what somebody likes just by what their blog looks like and contains. That is one of my favorite parts of blogging, whether for school work or personal.

Posted on Reading Other Blogs

3. Tara, you’re really good at covering soccer games, and probably other sporting events from what I can tell from these. Keep up the awesome work, these are great for people like me who don’t or can’t attend the games.

Posted on Female Soccer!

4. Rachel, I thought this post was really great and well written. You didn’t just give the tips, but elaborated on them even more, which really helped. I really liked your fifth point, because that is something really important that is sometimes looked over and I never would have thought of that. Same thing for number three, as our headline may already be used, and that could cause problems. This was great, and you gave interesting and new points of view on headlines that I really enjoyed.

Posted on How to Write Headings that Work

5. Naida, I loved this post. This is a side to you that I didn’t know, and I find it really interesting and unique. I think you have a really good point about things that seem to have been lost these days that we should get back into. This definitely brings a new perspective to the whole Woodstock era and genre and what happened there, and what we can learn from it, other than that drugs are bad. I would have loved to have lived during that and seen it first hand and truly understand it all.

Posted on The Year was 1969

6. I think this video was very interesting, and Eli has some very good points. I think the Internet is reaching a point where we can actually say with some truth that “Skynet is real”. Not that it is going to take over and become a real thinking machine and kill all mankind like in the Terminator movies, but the Internet is a scary place now. The fact that it can determine what we will like more of when we search for something based upon our browsing history, where we live, what kind of computer we use, etc, is crazy and nerve-wracking. I’m very curious to see where the Internet and this subject will be in the next five and ten years, and even further, and the effect it will have on our children.

Posted on TED Talk by Eli Pariser

7. Ali, this is so great. You’re such a great writer. I always knew you had this kinda stuff in you, but never saw it before I read this. I can tell that you’re going to do amazing things for God, and this is such a great piece of writing and I’m so glad I brought myself to reading it. Keep on writing like this and going after what God has for you, it’s awesome, and so are you.

Posted on The Original Fallen

8. Rachel! This is an awesome post, and I love the pictures you included. The Barbie one made me laugh a lot. These are all great tips, and even though I already did my internship last summer, these are still great tips to take with you wherever you go.

Posted on Quick Tips to Rock your Internship

9. I was actually looking at my friend’s TOMS magazine and saw the sunglasses and new merchandise they’re doing, and I thought it was awesome. The sunglasses actually looked pretty sweet! And yes, the prices for the shoes are expensive, but if you think about it, you’re buying two pairs of shoes, and one of them is going to somebody who needs them more than we do. I think TOMS is a great organization, and are doing something with a great cause, and this is a really good post acknowledging that!

Posted on Will You One for One?

10. This was so good, and such a good new perspective on the topic. I’m glad I got to see it from a different view. This is definitely a topic that I think is breezed over a lot and not discussed enough, and it’s great that you guys took a whole week to write about it. I definitely learned a lot, about what it’s like for others, and learned some things about myself that I didn’t know (from my past experiences with the same issues, and present ones that linger).

Posted on Playboy and People’s Magazine


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