Media Blog Review

For the first topic of the week, I chose to look at the media, celebrity, and entertainment gossip website TMZ. This interested me because I myself am very much interested in the media and entertainment industry, and I like seeing what goes on in it daily. I have never really looked at TMZ because I don’t usually listen to the gossip aspect of it, which is why I usually stick with IMDB. IMDB is much more reliable for factual information involving any news from Hollywood, celebrities, movies, and television. However, TMZ is a good site for up to date (up to the minute even) information on celebrities media gossip. The bloggers on the site speak their minds and give good information, even though it is primarily a site focused on gossip.

I think that students who are interested in the media and Hollywood industry could use this website well and find some good information on them, especially on new shows and movies and celebrity going-ons. However, I also think that TMZ is not a very reliable source of information as it is listed as a gossip site, and if they really want good information, they’d be better off going to IMDB. Personally I check IMDB frequently throughout the day to see what is going on, and it is the best site for finding out information on movies, television shows, actors, and musicians. IMDB brings in articles from all over the web about the industry and what goes on, and is usually the first to get it and link it’s viewers to the actual articles on such news organizations as E! and The Wrap.

Other students can use their own discretion as to what site they go to for their news, but personally I find IMDB to be much easier to browse. They recently went through an upgrade and redid their home page, which made it much neater and easier to look around, and from the brief time I spent on TMZ, it was a hassle getting around, and their home page was very jumbled and had too much content on it for me to handle.


One response to “Media Blog Review

  1. This was interesting. I didn’t actually know that IMDB had any articles at all. I thought that it was all simply actors and described what movies were coming out. I, of course, have heard of TMZ. I agree with you. I would probably not go there for my first choice search for information, unless it was what color hair the Jonas Brothers is now. I think its interesting that two sites can be thought of along the same lines, yet be completely different in content. You bring up some interesting points, and I would love to hear what you think of as news. Is gossip now news worthy? And if it is, can the truth be left out of articles and it all be a matter of what people thinks? All in all, I think mostly along the same lines as you. Keep going at it, friend.

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